Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegan Mofo-Puffins Puff Crunchy Cocoa

    As my post said yesterday I got a box of Puffins Puff Crunchy Cocoa. I decided to try some this morning with almond milk(I don't EVER use cow or goat milk, blech!) and a banana since I had a perfectly under ripe banana on my counter(Yep I like my bananas slightly under ripe). This cereal was good, definitely not to sweet. Although this cereal wasn't super chocolate-y. Even though this cereal isn't to sweet or chocolate-y it is still good. It would get rid of my chocolate-y junky food type cereal craving without having to feel like I have eaten a handful of sugar. I think next time I will try this cereal with some unsweetened chocolate almond milk for a more chocolate-y taste. I think I'd still stick with Peanut butter Puffins as far as vegan cereal goes. Which reminds me I must get some more soon since I ate the last I had yesterday.

   Well November is almost over and I'm sad that this vegan mofo month is coming to an end. :( well on the plus side it's almost thanksgiving! It's kind of crazy how people can eat more then there days worth of calories all at one sitting. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

  That's it for this post, it's simple, but short. I was hoping I would have a lentil soup picture to show you, but the soup I had for dinner was awful! It was so peppery that my nose was running! I have no clue how i'm going to be able to save this soup and not throw it into the trash.

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