Monday, November 29, 2010

Vegan Mofo-Gardein Chicken Strips Review

     I've heard a lot of good reviews about the Gardein fake meat products. So I decided to test one out for myself. I got the Chicken Tenders because before in my meat eating days I loved chicken strips. So for lunch I had a few. My lunch had some butternut squash(I ate most of them while waiting for the chicken tenders to cook), Gardein Chicken Tenders, OrganicvilleBBQ sauce, and Mustard.

     At first bite I wasn't sold. Mainly because I don't like fake meat things or things that pretend to be meat. The only fake meat product that I've had that I liked is Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage sausage. Don't get me wrong though these Gardein Chicken Tenders are not bad! They smell just like real chicken nuggets when they come out from baking them. There isn't any really awful taste about them or anything. I just don't like fake meat, but if you can't live without meat then I would recommend these by far. They did remind me of eating Wendy's or McDonald's chicken nuggets dipped in bbq sauce though.

   Overall I don't think I'd get these again because I don't like fake meat, but I won't let the others go to waste. I might make a spicy chicken wrap, like I used to eat at McDonald's and Wendys years ago.

   I feel I should add that after eating these I felt(still feel) really bloated. My stomach sort of hurts, I'm not sure if that's just me and how I react to these today(or ever) or if I ate to many(5 didn't seem like much). I'm not sure I'll see if I feel the same next time I eat the rest.

  I'm also sad to see that vegan mofo is almost over and I didn't reach 20 posts. If only vegan mofo could last through December as well with all the magical foodyness of Christmas, oh well.....

Have you tried any Gardein products, if so what ones and what did you think? If you haven't do you want to try them, what ones do you want to try?


  1. I've had those chicken strips and I love them. I'm kinda picky with fake-meaty stuff too. But recently I tried Gardein Chipotle-Lime Chick'n Tenders and they were SO gooooood!! If you ever see those, please try 'em!

  2. i cannot stop eating Gardein stuff! we tried the chicken strips last night with mac and "cheese". soo good. (and thanks for adding Amanda Eats to your blogroll!)