Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegan Mofo-Noodles & Company.

     A few days ago I was over at the blog Almost Vegan. If you haven't been over there it is a must! because she is making all these super yummy looking raw food. Well she had a post about eating at Noodles & Company. She posted about my favorite Japanese Pan Noodles that they have. Turns out those are her favorite as well. I think you should be considered crazy if you had these noodles and didn't like them. After looking at her post I just knew I had to get them sometime this week. So I asked my dad politely if he would get me some without any mushrooms, extra broccoli, and to add tofu. Let me just say the tofu was amazing! Some tofu just has a gross texture to it if you don't cook it right so I would only eat a few bites at a time. No, no, no this tofu I didn't want to stop eating it mmmmmm! Oh how I wish I had the recipe for these beautiful udon noodle dish. I could possibly eat this every other day.

(I was way to hungry to take it out of the take-out box)

(This is Almost Vegan's beautiful plate of Japanese Pan Noodles minus the sprouts)

     If any one has a Noodles and Company near where they live I recommend going there. If you aren't sure if they are near you here's their website

   This post was short lived, but I'm sure it was enough to maybe get you to try these noodles. Yes? No? and if any one happens to have a recipe like these noodles I would be ever so happy if you could let me use it. I'm off to drink some peppermint tea and watch Castle with my dad or try to figure out what to eat tomorrow. OH OH OH! and i'm going to see Harry Potter(not the midnight showing sadly) which reminds me has any one stumbled on to this blog Dumbledore's Vegan Army it just amuses me. :)

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  1. Hehe, yay, I'm glad I inspired you to get some of those AMAZING noodles this week! Seriously, you're right, if anyone has tried these and NOT fallen in love with them, they are CRAZY.

    Thanks for the shout-outs :) And psst, I'll tell you a little secret I haven't told anyone yet - just keep it on the DL for a couple more days - I'm holding a Noodles & Company giveaway on my blog this weekend ;) Watch for it!