Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegan Mofo-Kabocha Squash

   Since it's Friday and I don't have a vegan food product to really review. I'm just going to tell you what I think about kabocha (that took me 3 times to spell right) squash. I roasted some for dinner since I had two pieces of pizza for lunch and wasn't very hungry, that and I've had one sitting on my counter begging me to eat it (Just wondering is it suppose to have this sticky-ish juice let's call it coming out the stem after having it to long?). Since the camera is still missing. I don't have a photo and i'm sorry for that so I stole one.
(this picture is from according to google images)
   The kabocha squash is most often called the Japanese pumpkin. Some say it's has a sweeter taste then a butternut squash. I however don't think it does, but it could have just been the one I had. I liked this squash nonetheless it was sweet, but not overly sweet. However next time I get one I will be making soup with it. I think that this squash would just be smashing with a curry soup, gingery, garlicy? I'm not sure.

   I ordered some whole wheat blueberry bagels from So tomorrow for breakfast I will be having one with some toffuti better then cream cheese(I haven't tried this yet, so i'm glad to finally try). If I have time tomorrow I will be posting more information about it. I might not be able to post tomorrow or Sunday because I will be busy. When I get back I should be posting about some baked potatoes with some daiya cheddar cheese, sounds good right? right! Well it's late and I need to get off the computer.

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