Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegan Mofo-Indian Take Out.

.    Tonight I didn't really feel like thinking of what to cook for dinner. Or had the time I was hungry. Lately I have just been eating so much it feels weird. I used to eat around 1,200 calories a day. It may seem I was starving, but that's just how it was without my stomach hurting from being to full. These past few weeks though I have been eating more around 1,500. I have gained a few pounds because of this I think(I haven't weighed myself so i'm not completely sure). I'm not complaining in anyway because I am still growing, I just need to start getting off my lazy butt and exercise. Even if it's only 10 minutes everyday or something(note: at one point during the summer I exercised 40-60 minutes most days and could run for 10-15-ish minutes straight, but now I can't do it for like 6 minutes). Well you aren't here to learn about my lack of exercise or calorie eating part of me. You want to read the food! and gosh darn it I should tell you about it.

    A few weeks back I went to the Bombay House with my father and my grandparents. It's has a nice selection of vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore food. If you are in Salt Lake City or Provo I recommend going there if you have a love for Indian food. The first time I went there I hadn't had Indian food besides store bought naan. I looked on the menu and it actually states what dishes are vegan, that's always a plus. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted the Vegetable Coconut Kurma or the Vegetable Curry. Being more familiar with curries I wanted. Well ever since that night I have been craving that curry. I was going to try and make it myself, but atlas I got to lazy.
    The Vegetable Curry has carrots, peas, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, and other spices. It is not recommended to get this curry any spicier then medium unless you really really really really really like spicy things.

    So I asked my dad to get me some of this curry. Luckily Bombay House does do take out. Thank goodness I can get Indian food when I am to lazy to make it myself! This curry was just as good as the first time I got it only a tad spicier. I had to drink some Silk Pumpkin Spice with it to help calm down my flaming tongue. My dad also got some garlic naan which I didn't ask for, but ate most of it anyways. I'm not sure if the naan is vegan so I would ask if I was you because I don't think it is.

Bombay House Cuisine of India
Salt Lake City
2731 E Parley's Way 
Salt Lake City UT,  84109
(801) 581-0222
Open Dinner Hours: 4pm - 10pm, Monday-Saturday

463 North University Ave
Provo, Utah 84601
(801) 373-6677
Open Dinner Hours: 4pm - 10pm, Monday-Saturday

   I've decided that for some Mofo posts I would like to share with you some other delicious/yummy sounding vegan recipes with you. The thing is though they are all must be a part of this Vegan Moferyness. That way I can look at more food porn from different people. This time I shall only present two because it's sort of to late to go looking for all the links and post, yadda yadda. :)

 Raw Cranberry Cheesecake from Bitt of Raw.

Vegan Ice Cream Recipes Look at that Peppermint Stick Ice Cream over at I Eat Trees. I'm not a big ice cream fan, but that looks good!


  1. Bombay House is amazing! I go to the Provo one all of the time! The naan is vegan by the way. I always order the Mali Kafta (I think that's how you spell it) made vegan and mild. It is amazing! Give it a try sometime!

    I love your blog btw. I became vegetarian when I was 12 and it was tough, so props for that!

  2. The naan is vegan? yay! I'm glad to hear that and i'll definitely get that next time!