Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day Deux.-Sugar House Coffee


   Good day. It's day two of vegan mofo. For lunch I decided to go to Sugar House Coffee and get some vegan chili. I didn't plan on doing a review about Sugar House Coffee, but here is one.Now i'm not a huge chili fan, I never liked it as a kid. I'm just not a huge cooked tomato person (but I love tomatoes plain). Anyways someone on their facebook page asked for the recipe so I had a little bit of hopes that it would be good. So I ordered some chili and took it to go.  Well...it wasn't so bad I did eat most of it. If         you like chili then you'd probably like this i'm just not a huge fan.                                                                      
Was it worth 4 bucks? ehhh....probably not.          
Sugar House Coffee is a cute place to eat or
get some coffee though. The insides are painted
with some more popular buildings in Salt Lake.

Sorry I didn't take my camera with me to take a picture
of the place.

Well I hope you're having a happy November 2nd and tomorrow
I shall be doing something with sweet potatoes how yummy? I
can't get enough of sweet potatoes.

To leave you with a good picture(because my chili isn't that good looking) here's my old 14 year old dog. :) She may be old, but she's cute.

Sugar House Coffee
1045 E. 2100 S.
(801) 486-3311
Mon-Fri: 6 am-12 am
Sat, Sun:7am-2am


  1. Sorry you didn't love your chili so much... but you have a super cute puppy (they are always puppies, not matter how old), and that is WAY more important than chili. :)

  2. I agree with you they are always puppies!