Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Coming Back to the Blog World! Well...Maybe.

So I've been absent for a long time and a lot has happened since I last posted. To be honest I don't know why I stopped posting. I think I just got busy. Then school had to come around and I had to start doing the public schooling instead of me attempting(meaning failing) online schooling. And look at me now school is almost over, so maybe I'll have more time to blog on here again! I may not though considering I run 3 tumblr blogs, twitter, instagram, and I have to deal with my facebook. I've also got a lot of other hobbies to do. I've missed the food blogging scene though, the community it has is amazing(I'm guessing it still is). I've missed writing(not essays) too!

Well lately I don't eat very vegan anymore. I'm still a vegetarian and I've introduced more dairy into my life. Which I'm kind of sad about, but it's hard to ween off of it especially being my age. I've also stopped making any food. I've been mostly eating out, which is super costly as most people know. It also seems like whatever I do eat it is repeated and bland. I haven't been eating much vegetables. I've even let myself forget the exact time for roasting certain veggies! Which is not a good thing. With eating out and such I've definitely gained a lot of weight. I've stopped exercising and doing yoga so now I'm more close to 140 pounds now because of this. Which I'm not excited all! I always thought that when I'd go back to school I'd be moving around more so I wouldn't have to deal with a whole lot of exercise because of all the walking I'd hope I'd do. I was wrong, obviously.

Anyways what I hope to get out of this blog again for me to find my love for food again and become interested in it and to be excited again for my meals. Also maybe to help me keep track of the way I eat and exercise. So hopefully I can be healthy again. Well if I can accomplish this we'll see, but for me to start writing on this blog again I'm not sure how much I believe I will.