Monday, November 8, 2010

Mofo Day Huit: Imagine Soups

      Good evening lovely mofo people. If you can't tell from my day 2 of mofo and today. I can speak a tiny bit of French. It's so confusing all this feminine and masculine stuff. Anywhooooo....let's talk food. More importantly "simple, easy, already or almost to go vegan food" I've come to the conclusion that's my theme for most of Vegan Mofo month. Since that is what I've been eating lately. Right now i'm going to talk about Imagine Soups. Lately I have lived off of these because i'm to lazy, tired, and hungry when my dad gets home from work to actually make a spiffy fancy dinner. Plus theres enough for lunch the next day to eat with some veggies or toasted nuts. 

*The pictures of the cartons below I have stolen off their website. *

 Now my reviews of the soups.....

Creamy Potato Leek SoupCreamy Potato Leek- I love this soup, but then again you can give me any soup with potatoes and leeks and i'd love it. This is by far my favorite. I like to add cubes of potatoes in this. mmmmmmm. For being vegan this soup was very creamy so that's a total plus. Also it's less then 100 calories per cup if you are watching your weight or dieting.

Light in Sodium Creamy Red Bliss Potato and Garlic SoupLight in Sodium Creamy Red Bliss Potato & Garlic Soup- I liked this soup. It wasn't my favorite, but I liked it. I think it could definitely use some more garlic though. I chopped up some sweet potatoes to put in and it was a great touch. I had some steamed broccoli in it tonight that was a good touch as well, but not really necessary. I like the broccoli as more of a side.

Creamy Broccoli SoupCreamy Broccoli Soup- Not super duper broccoli flavored, but still good non the less. I bet it would be awesome with some daiya cheddar cheese and bits of broccoli(note to self:must try that next time). My dad said it needed more salt, but I think he says that to everything. I still recommend this soup though.

Light In Sodium Creamy Harvest Corn SoupLight in Sodium Creamy Harvest Corn Soup- This soup was my least favorite of all the soups. My complaint it was just to sweet. I'm not a huge fan of sweet things which would be why I didn't like it. So if you like sweet soups then try this soup.

Imagine Vegetable Broth- This is my go to for store bought vegetable broth. I think it's my favorite that I've had.

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