Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Vegan Cheesecake Review!

       The second to last time I went to Whole Foods I was going to get some of my favorite bread when I walked past the little dessert case. I was quite shocked to find this from Candle Cafe!
        Sometimes I'll look at that little case just to see what they have. I'm not normally a huge sweets person. Recently I have been though...which I need to stop. Any who I figured I haven't had any cheesecake in a while and certainly not a vegan cheesecake so I put this baby in the basket. They also had a chocolate mouse tart which looked yummy, but my dad can't have chocolate and I didn't want to eat the whole thing so we stuck with the vanilla cheesecake.
      I've heard of Candle Cafe before and would love to go if I find myself in New York. For those of you that don't know about Candle Cafe it's an all vegan cafe in New York, New York. Candle Cafe has been serving Vegan food since 1994. They also strive to use the freshest and organic produce when possible. Candle Cafe was so popular that the owners opened Candle 79 a few block away from Candle Cafe. If you've been to Candle Cafe or Candle 79 and liked the food you can make it at home with the Candle Cafe Cookbook. Even if you haven't been to either restaurants you can still get the cookbook to cook some yummy vegan food. 
(close up of the vanilla cheesecake, can you see those vanilla bean specks? yum!)

     Now onto the review. This was good. I wouldn't call it world changing good, but good. You can easily taste the vanilla. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet which I loved. The only thing I didn't like about this was the texture. It was really light and fluffy. I like my cheesecake more dense. My dad didn't say what he thought about it besides that it was good. I'd give this a 2 and 1/2 stars out of 4 though.
     If you ever happen to come across this I would say buy it if you like a more lighter cheesecake or vanilla dessert. That is if the price is good because I can't remember how much I(I should say my dad) bought for it.

Maybe next time i'll try the chocolate mouse tart if they still have it. Chocolate is more my thing anyways.

Have you tried Candle Cafe or Candle 79 if so what'd you get and did you like it? Do you have the cookbook or is it on your wishlist?

I know the cookbook is on my wishlist, but what vegan cookbook isn't?

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