Friday, February 18, 2011

Diva's Cupcake & Coffee

     The other day I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with my dad. I wanted to try some place new to eat. So he suggested we go to a place called Diva's that I've said I have wanted to try. Diva's wasn't far from his work so to Diva's we went. 
Diva's is a popular place most popular for their cupcakes(or so they say). There's a vegan and a gluten free(not vegan though) cupcake daily which I think Diva's gets a bonus for. They also have soups, sandwiches, coffee and other sweet pastries. Diva's has been open since fall of 2008 by Gordon Wilkins.

   I didn't take pictures of my lunch, but I got the Veggie Hummus Wrap without the avocado and a side salad. The salad has a nice dressing which i'm guessing was balsamic and little olive oil. My wrap was loaded with veggies such as carrots, mixed greens, beets, cucumbers, plus more and gouda cheese. It came with a balsamic dipping sauce too! I loved my lunch and would order this again. Lucky me I still had the other half left to eat for lunch the next day. My dad ordered a side of chips and Ham & Brie Panini on White that included avocado, cucumbers, spinach & homemade apple butter. He figured this would hurt his bladder less(side note: I will most likely do a post soon so you can understand his bladder disease better). He said he liked it and that having warm cucumbers was a weird touch. He did complain about that the chips were to salty though. I will definitely go back to Diva's for the food.
   I've heard mostly bad reviews about the cupcakes at Diva's. I've heard my cousin complain that the cupcakes frosting have no taste. I've heard reviews at Urban Spoon saying they are dry. My dad got the vanilla bean cupcake(I didn't get a picture). I stuck my finger in the frosting to taste it and it tasted like pure sugar! Blech. The frosting does have this interesting smooth silky soft texture. I did try a bite with the cake and the frosting together. Somehow the cake made the frosting taste plain and not so sweet. It still wasn't any good though. 

I don't know why, but I still got the vegan cupcake of the day which happened to be chocolate coconut topped with toasted coconut to go. It came in a perfect cupcake to go with a nice dome top. Well I was hoping it would be different and better. Sadly it wasn't. Starting off with the frosting it was overly sweet I had to scrape most of it off besides a thin layer. Before scraping off the frosting I got chunks of coconut oil(i'm guessing) in it. Two words NOT PLEASANT! Now want to hear about the cake? I liked it first bite, it was nice and moist and had a lovely deep chocolate flavor...then it crumbled apart. Let's say i'm glad I didn't eat this there because I made a mess. 
I hope no one gets their first vegan cupcake their because they might get the idea that vegan cupcakes suck which is not true.

I do not recommend getting the cupcakes at Diva's at all either vegan or non-vegan. I wish they could be better because they decorate them perfectly and so cute. Don't let the cupcakes stop you from going to Diva's though because the food really is nice, but just look at the cupcake case and admire their decorations just not their taste.

Diva's Cupcakes & Coffee
1560 E 3300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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