Monday, January 10, 2011

Cakewalk Vegan Bakery and Grocery.

Now if you aren't familiar with Cakewalk Vegan Baker and Grocery in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'll give you a little information about it. Cakewalk is the first all vegan bakery in Utah. They have two locations one in Woodcross and one in Salt Lake. The owner of the bakery Kelly Collobella started Cakewalk in hopes of paying the vet bills for German Shepard. Cakewalk is also where the dillos a vegan twinkie began(I have yet to try one of these yet, shame on me!). If you want you can get them at Vegan Essentials, Food Fight Grocery, and Sidecar for Pigs Peace. To read more about Cakewalk/Kelly Collobella here's a few articles on it here and here. Plus two blog post from Utah Eats Cupcakes and Vegan Salt.

I've been to cake walk a few times before, but that was before I started this blog or forgot my camera. Well anyways over the time of me not blogging and all the holiday crazy-ness my dad and I was able to go to cakewalk three time...I think, but I only took picture of my eats twice. I love love love love love love love cakewalk(is that enough loves?)! I like it's; green walls, I like it's shelves filled with vegan dog food, vegan candy bars, vegan rice milk chocolate bars, and other vegan treats, It's some what little fridge full of vegan cheeses, it's always yummy treats in the display case, the nice people that work there and that are patient when I don't know what to order, it's soft serve ice cream, and most of all it's coffee! Yes I said I like the coffee most of all. It is literally the best coffee I have ever had! Okay enough of my non-stop love for this place you just want to see what I got huh? 

This is a plain vanilla and a carrot cake. I got the carrot cake while my dad got the vanilla. Since my dad has the bladder disease that I am from now on going to call the ICC disease he can't have any chocolate or soy for that matter, but the soy in these cupcakes haven't bothered him yet...I don't think. Okay i'm getting off track here. The vanilla cupcake is a nice cupcake where the frosting is sweet, but not overly sweet. My dad says and I quote "this is the best cupcake I have ever had". This makes me feel great since he goes and tells everyone about this is the word cupcake is even brought up. I bet he'd never think that a vegan cupcake would be the best he'd ever had. :) yay!

The carrot cake has raisins, walnuts, and well carrots of course topped with creme cheese frosting! If you like carrot cake with a bunch of add ins I would get this. I personally didn't like it because I like my carrot cake simple, but don't get me wrong it was not terrible!

This is my favorite of all things I have ever tried. I am not over exaggerating when I say I would have not died happy without trying this(okay i'm exaggerating a little). This here is the nog soft serve, they had this for the holidays. It is the perfect blend of spices and taste exactly like egg nog. My dad even liked this(I barely got enough strength to give him a bite). Even though it was cold as hell outside i'm glad I got to try it. If they have this next year then I'll ask for it by the buckets.

Another holiday treat gingerbread cookie! yummy yummy! Sorry I ate almost half of the cookie before I took the picture I just could not wait! This cookie is fantastic if you like gingerbread. I think it could have had more ginger, but then again I was on a super gingery kick at the time of trying this. If you are ever able to get this cookie It's recommended dipping it into the nog soft serve and eating it. Mmmmmm just thinking about this makes me want the holidays to come back!

The last treat I have to share with you is the candy cane cupcake. My dad got this so he got a vanilla based cupcake, but it was also available in chocolate. I was lucky enough to get a two small bites of this cupcake. The cake part is exactly like the vanilla light and fluffy. The frosting had a nice not overly powering taste of peppermint. I wish I had gone back one more time to get this cupcake.

If you ever find yourself stumbling into Utah you must go to cakewalk and get yourself some treats. Oh and coffee!

Cakewalk Bakery and Grocery

Salt Lake Store
434 S 900 E Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(Located next to Raincheck Payday Loans in front of Office Max)
Hours:Tues-Fri: 12PM-8PM, Sat: 11AM-9PM

Woods Cross Store
566 W 1350 S Woods Cross, UT 84010
Phone: 801-860-5473
Hours: Friday and Saturday 2-8 p.m. , Sunday 2-5 p.m.
Web site:

Twitter:  @cakewalkvegan

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  1. Thank you so much for this awesome blog post! I am glad you love the bakery!!! :)