Thursday, January 13, 2011

Purple Cabbage and Apple Gingery Sautee! What a Mouth Full!

      My dad and I one weekend were being sluggish and sat on the couch watching the food network. We came across the show Ten Dollar Dinner. I really wasn't interested in watching it, but when the host Melissa d'Arabian mentioned a sauteed cabbage dish with apples, my dad wanted to watch. So I put down the remote about to change the channel and let him watch as I sat there waiting for it to be over. Well after watching it the dish did look pretty good not to mention easy! So I went and made my own version.

My version swapped everything the recipe called for except the cabbage. So if you want the recipe I got the idea from it's here, but here's my recipe. I didn't write down all the measurements, but it should be fine if it's not exact just use your own taste.

Purple Cabbage and Apple Gingery Sautee
1/2 head of purple cabbage or one small cabbage
1/2 to 3/4 one large honey crisp
Enough olive oil to cover most of the pan(or earth balance)
Fresh Ginger(or powdered ginger) I can't remember how much I used so just do this to your taste
Pinch of salt
splash of apple cider vinegar, optional(I didn't use this since my dad can't have vinegar)
enough Pear Juice to deglaze the pan(the recipe called for red wine)

Core and slice the apple into wedges, but not to thin. 

Cut the cabbage into strips.

Heat a large sautee pan. After it's been heated add the olive oil. Make sure the heats at medium heat then add the cabbage, ginger, apple, and salt. Let sit until the cabbage wilts around 20 minutes. Stir the cabbage and apples every now and then. When ready deglaze the pan with pear juice or red wine and the splash of  apple cider vinegar. Now serve!

I know the pictures I took probably don't do it justice(I have bad lighting in my kitchen at night), but it was still good. I really liked the warmth of the apples, and the subtle kick of ginger. I would make this again next time i'll  write down the exact amounts I used though.

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