Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Vegan Pizza Day!

HAPPY VEGAN PIZZA DAY EVERYONE! Sorry was that a little to loud for you?
I hope everyone is celebrating this fantastic day. 

Now I didn't used to like pizza at all. I always felt like an outsider when we had pizza parties at school and everyone was excited about them except me. I didn't like pizza because of the tomato sauce I was not a cooked tomato type of girl. Oddly enough now my taste have changed and I am growing to like tomato sauces sometimes even crave it. I still prefer to have a pizza with a hummus or pesto based sauce though and loaded with veggies and very little cheese if any at all. I guess you could say i'm more of a non-traditional pizza lover.

So for vegan pizza day my dad and I will be going to Este Pizzeria. I'll blog about it tomorrow most likely. So now go enjoy some pizza I know I will because I've been craving some!

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  1. So jealous! I wanted to go tonight too! Have fun!