Monday, January 24, 2011

Homemade Coconut Butter!

      I've never tried coconut butter before and I do love dried coconut. So I wanted to give it a try, but when I went to the store to find out the jar cost around 10 bucks I just had to say no(for now) and wait for another time to buy it. Lucky me though I was looking at the blog Heather Eats Almond Butter or HEAB for short. I saw that she made some homemade coconut butter and since I had dried coconut flakes that have been sitting in the cupboard for to long. I thought I should make them into coconut butter since I hadn't used them in anything else.
  Making coconut butter is a lot easier then I thought it would be. All you do is keep blending it up in a food processor until it gets silky almost.

(after blending a while)

(getting there)

(blending a little more)

(looks good to me)

Well it did look good and smooth, but when I transfered it into a jar it was still a bit chunky. I think I could have blended it more. Texture wise I kind of like it though. It wasn't that sweet or to coconutty for me. I think maybe the coconut I used was to old. I'm not sure I think I need to test out the store bought kind first. 

I did add some raw honey(I know honey isn't vegan, but I love it so I use it here and there) to make it more sweet. I think that helped a little but, but it did seem to make it more chunkier. It did solidify after a while like it should which is a good thing though! 

In conclusion i'm going to buy the store stuff eventually and see if it taste at all the same to what I made.

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