Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Computer, Hello Blog It's Been Awhile.

   I swear my computer doesn't like me. I have had more problems with this computer then I can even count. All the money that has been spent could've gotten me a new computer by now. So anywho for the past week or more I lost the thing to charge my computer. I've looked everywhere and seriously can't find it. I had to go out and buy a new charger! One word can describe how I feel now about this UGH!

Between the time of the not having the computer I've tried a few new things, I went to the grand opening of a new whole foods(It's huuuuuuge!), went to the inside farmers market, went to the mexican grocery store(I found sweet potato flour and purple corn what to do with it?) went to Omar's Rawtopia(my first actual raw meal it was delicious and expensive, but it was nice to treat myself!), painted my bathroom blue, and made a somewhat life changing decision! All of this I had taken no pictures of. How sad.

Since there's no pictures this blog post is kind of boring, but on a exciting note I've decided to go vegan for a whole year! I'm not going to be starting on this right exactly now, but in the next couple of weeks I will on my way to a adventurous vegan journey. I figure I have a small block of Queso Blanco cheese in the fridge and I don't want to waste it so once that's gone I'm done with any cheese. I will still be having some honey every now and then, but I will limit my amounts. This step doesn't seem overly dramatic to me since I already eat mostly vegan, but it's still exciting to take on the full time vegan.

Hopefully I'll be back blogging soon about more food and i'll tell you about how the vegan thing goes with the family. I told my dad I was thinking about it and he wasn't happy at first, but then he calmed down. So we'll see what the future may hold. 

Have a nice day! and sorry for the boring-ish blog post!

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