Thursday, April 14, 2011

Really VegNews?

    I'm sure you've all heard about it by now about VegNews not posting vegan photos. The article is on quarry girl here:

Here's my view on it. First of all a lot of us buy the magazine supporting a complete vegan magazine. Knowing that they are going the cheap way out and not using a vegan photographer or even photos of vegan food is complete bull. Second of all I like to look at photos with recipes to see how they are suppose to turn out. If it's suppose to be a veggie burger I don't think it'll come near as close to looking like actual meat. Thirdly, maybe I wouldn't be so mad about it if they weren't acting the way they are. It's absolutely child-like to ignore what your doing when people have called you out. Overall I think i'm going to un-subscribe. I'll wait a few days though maybe they'll man-up and apologize or say anything about what's been happening. I can't believe no one has caught their act sooner. 

On a lighter note Walmart is going to sell flax milk. Read more over at vegansaurus! I never knew that there was such thing as flax milk. I was actually just wondering the other day if you could even make flax milk. Well apparently you can.

Also look forward to a Sweet Potato Cupcake or Muffin with Pb frosting recipe coming soon. Here's a sneak photo. 

Have you ever had flax milk? Did you like it?
What's your opinion on the whole VegNews issue?

Update: VegNews has an written an apology. Read it here:
I guess it's a little more understandable how magazines do have to have stock photos. I just hope that this whole controversy will make them looking into getting more vegan food photographs. I still don't think I'll get rid of my subscription just yet.

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